Love Hate and apathy.

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So I am not sure what religious affiliation you are but I am of the Christian religion Baptist denomination, and we Baptists spend our Sundays in church. Yesterdays service was from the book called I John which is a book written for christians as a guide to ethics and conduct toward fellow believers and all men and women on earth. The central theme of the book of John is love. Yesterdays sermon on Sunday was on the second chapter of 1 John. The second chapter of 1 John is all about love and the idea that love should be our basis for our treatment of everyone.  Love in the Christian faith is an action word, love is helping and not causing hurt.


The idea of love is so important that the writer of 1 John goes so far to say that if anyone who claims to be a christian and hates anyone is not truly a christian. Now right away when I hear the word hate I thought well I can’t think of anyone I really hate!!, but as if the minister could read my thoughts he went on to say that “not helping and therefore withholding love is a form of hatred”. So know I can think of times when selfishness, apathy and a litany of other reasons has caused me to not help others.


I have been since Sundays sermon thinking about the idea of withholding as being a form of hatred. This seems like some radical thinking, but last year the United States had the highest poverty rate in its history. Currently 50% of the world lives on 2.50 dollars a day. Those are some radical numbers that just don’t seem right. To fix radical problems we may need some radical thinking, like the idea of labeling withholding as hate.

Maybe if everyone felt that when they can they should help and that if they don’t help they are displaying hatred, maybe then we can see some change.




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