The right tool

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When I was a kid I read a book where a man was talking with his ape friend and informed his friend that due to the lack of opposable thumbs, he could not hold tools and therefore was unable to evolve into the higher species which was and is man. Now later in life I have learned that many primates do have opposable thumbs and can indeed grip tools. I am not Jane Goodall so I couldn’t tell you what the primates have accomplished as a species with the tools they grasp, however I will not be so bold to engage in a type of speciesism to claim that humans are the most superior beings, I have seen animals show a propensity for concern for each other and respect of life that sometimes is not present in some individuals in the human species.


I will however say, that “with the right tool one can build or repair anything.”  Yesterday I made, a very modest, donation to wikipedia,  yes it is that time of the year again. After the donation was made I was rewarded with a wonderful thank you note. It was really great to read about how much my donation was appreciated and the author of the gracious note let me know about how many people word wide use wikipedia and for various uses. This vein of thought got me to thinking about having the right tool.


Wikipedia is a wonderful tool, because it is a lot like a library or “temple” of knowledge and from this tool we can learn and grow. I think that we have access to all the tools we need not to be the superior species but maybe to survive within and with all species.




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