The real god

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The year was 1993 I was a sophomore in high school and I had rented the movie Alive from the video store. DVD’s were not released until 1996 but video tapes like Alive and others were beginning to play with putting extras at the end of their movies. It was during the extra part after the credits of the Alive movie that I heard one of the survivors of the accident say, “up there on the mountain he saw god and it wasn’t the god of Sunday School or church it was the real god.” So maybe some background will help. Alive is a movie that is based on  Piers Paul Read‘s 1974 book Alive: The Story of the Andes SurvivorsConfession time now. I have never read the book only watched the movie the interviews and read a Time magazine article about the rugby team whose plane crashed over the Andes mountain and survived for 72 days (12 were part of a trek out of the mountains). I suggest watching the movie. It is very inspirational but todays post is less about the movie and more about the quote.

I grew up in a Baptist church and as such I was taught that god fit a certain mold. So hearing this survivor say that he meet the real god up there on the mountain made me feel that he was being sacrilegious. But  I grew up and I began to realize that the real god is not the god of sunday school and church it is the god of homeless shelter. The real god is the god who puts the instinct in parents to sacrifice all they can for their children and then later in life for the children to do the same for the parents. The real god is the god who encourages you in loss and the god you see and feel when a child is born. The real god is the god who in the Bible compelled the man to care for the Samaritan.  


I started working in my profession, as do many, before I graduated from college. I had a year left when a  professor  asked me for some input on his class.I told him that I would like to see less theory and more application. The professor then told me that the class taught theory and it was up to the student to apply it. See the real god is a god of application. I think that was what the survivor meant and when I think about it a little more I am sure his response was not sacrilegious and I wonder.. are those of us who sit by and do nothing more sacrilegious?




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