The problem with the greater good

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A co-worker asked if I do things for the greater good. I let her know that I didn’t because I don’t believe there is a greater good. She seemed legitimately shocked when I told her this when she asked me why I thought about going into a whole song and dance concerning the problems with Utilitarianism but I choose not to waste the time of the two of us with my pontificating and asked if she had ever read the writings of the late Jeremy Bentham.  She let me know that she hadn’t so I told her that she should and then it may become clear as to why I do not believe in a greater good.


Later in the day the question bugged me a little. Why do I not believe in a greater good? Am I heartless? I don’t think so. I believe in good and right and wrong but when you call something a greater good you attempt to measure a concept that is not really quantifiable. There is right wrong, good and bad but the degrees of right and wrong are tricky and when one begins to compromise right and wrong well it always seems to make it easier to justify actions that seem unjustifiable. I think for me the problem I have with the greater good is not the existence or non-existence it is that far to many people, under the guise of the greater good do many bad things. So it is Friday this weekend instead of helping the greater good maybe we will be better served to help everyone by doing no harm and just good.





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