“I can’t swag in that”

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Vince and I are in the local Mcdonalds parking lot.  We had just finished speaking with one of the employees in the store about repairs he had made to her car. Vince had driven to the store in his 75 Volkswagen hatchback, that to me looked exactly like the a 75 Rabbit but Vince refered, and still does, to it as a Mink.


The car is in great shape, gets excellent gas mileage has heat and air-conditioning. Good car, not domestic, but still a nice car. A young man who works there was out in the parking lot smoking. Vince knew, that the young man needed a car to get back and forth to work in and that he didn’t make much money. The offer was put out there by Vince. “I will sell you this car for 25 hundred. The young man let him know he didn’t want the deal. When asked why we were told that he couldn’t buy the car because, he couldn’t swag in that.

Swag, short for swagger is a type of attitude. Websters defines swagger as; To boost or brag noisily. When I think about swagger I immediately think about sports, but I promised someone, very important to me, that I would  lay off the sports references so.. I digress.  Confidence is needed but boosting and bragging noisily is one of the quickest ways to become a social pariah and in this case will keep you walking to your job at Mcdonalds as opposed to riding in the Air conditioning.

Lately swagger, despite its toxic effects on society, has become something many asinine people try to emulate. Maybe instead of engaging in swagger everyone would be better served to seek things that would warrant some form of swagger, like a running car, or good marks in school and avoid swagger.

Just some thoughts





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