The car accident that made me smile!

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok confession time. There were two trucks involved and it was what happened afterward that made smile. I was running some errands, earlier in the day, and leaving when I watched one SUV and a work truck back into each oter while backing out of their parking spaces. I was too far away to offer a quick shoot that would have avoided the whole incident. I was too far away to speak and be heard but I saw the whole thing and initally I did not smile, I cringed. The accident was in the parking lot and the vehicles combined speed couldn’t have been ten miles per hour. Because of the low speed and the large vehicles there was no visible damage to either vehicle. After the accident both men left vehicles looked over the vehicles and shook hands. The hand shake was what made me smile. To see the two men not letting a fender bender ruin their day inspired me to not sweat the small stuff!

Peace john3c


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