Four slices instead of eight.

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesCAE2K7OAI was 12 years old and behind my mom and dads was a corner store. Einchorn Beverage, was the stores name and my sisters and I would walk their weekly and spend all the pocket change we had on candy which would rot our teeth out. With our change we bought gum, soda and on days when we had more change we could eve afford chips. Chips days were rare. Usually we settled for pop and gum. The gum we bought was sold by the piece, it was pink hard but wrapped in a small comic strip. I remember one comic strip. The waiter came to the young man at the table and asked how he would like his pizza sliced. The young man told him that he wasn’t that hungry so he should slice it in four as opposed to the normal eight slices. Even know when Typing the joke I smile, but it makes you think a little. Right?
It is a new year and with it we will face some new problems but most of our problems will be older (you know the whole nothing new under the sun thing). Problems here and on the horizon, especially the same ones, maybe we should try slicing our pizza differently? Just some corner store comic wisdom to kick off our Thursday.



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