Hey, that’s Munroe!

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday while watching the movie American Reunion with my girlfriend she recognizes the backdrop of the movie as a town we had both drove through just two weeks ago. Yep the town is Munroe Ga. We both recognize this because of the last scene in the movie. All the buddies are sitting at an outdoor restaurant enjoying drinks and the camera pulls back to show an intersection of the small town. Across the street from the corner the buddies are sitting at is a rather large mural with a picture of a man in a kayak going over waterfalls and the words Falls six blocks on the left, written at the murals top.
Being the intrepid road trippers we are my girlfriend and I take off to see the falls. We travel six blocks and find no falls. We take left and rights and drive all over Munroe and still no Falls. We chalk it up to lack of direction and press on.
Last night after recognizing the intersection and mural. The gears in my girlfriends head start turning and she googles the city and movie and quickly we discover that the mural was painted for the movie only. No lie, we were chasing imaginary falls in a real town. It’s all in this news story. So we had a laugh at ourselves and being fooled by Munroe and Hollywood last night. Will this stop us from looking and exploring when we travel though? No way this just gives us one more cool story to tell.



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