What story would you rather tell?

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Often we find ourselves, as a result of our own inactions or actions, thrust into some situations which are less than ideal. When most are placed in these situations we yearn for something better. “I wish I didn’t have a flat tire. I wish I didn’t have to move. ” Instead of wishing for something better maybe a more pragmatic and useful mindset would be one that realizes, that despite how bad this situation tomorrow will come. You will wake up and may or may not rub the scar from yesterday’s less than ideal situation and with or without the scar will come a story. Which story is more inspirational and fun to tell? One where everything worked flawlessly and no new lessons were learned or one were all the players existed on a razors edge and everyone came out on the other side scared but better people?




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