Now on to Valentines day

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesCAFOI7YEChristmas was two days ago, I was with family and we were walking through a department store in the local mall. The store decor was changed, gone were the Christmas trees, jingle bells and holly, in there place there are now, hearts and pictures of chocolate and cupids. Yes the department store was decorated and selling wares for Valentines day which was over a month away.

I immediately remembered as a child hearing my mother, father, aunts and uncles commenting on this exact thing. “Let us recuperate from Christmas first. We haven’t even taken down the tree yet. It isn’t even new year.” I didn’t understand then were my parents and other authority figures feelings of being overwhelmed came from but I most certainly do now. The holidays bring to children togetherness and joy for the most part but for the ones putting together the holidays the joy and togetherness can also bring stress. Some of the stress is unavoidable, but some is very avoidable. One type of stress that is avoidable is the stress which comes from struggling to meet the high expectations we set for ourselves when putting together holidays. Some handle this by lowering their expectation others handle it by working towards their expectation and purchasing valentines merchandise in November.
Holidays are here and sitting out on them because of stress is not always ideal. We should learn to enjoy the holiday in our own way.



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