Gather and dissipate

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

On my way into work this morning I heard an interview with Senator Richard Blumenthal. Richard Blumenthal is a United States senator representing the state of Connecticut. Recently in Connecticut there was a terrible tragedy in which a deranged gun man murdered 20 children and six adults. The tragedy happened at a public elementary school and sent most everyone in the United States reeling.
Tragedy like this is just awful and something that can never be understood. Political figures from the president of the United States down went on the offense about gun control laws and policies that they feel would have prevented this type of tragedy. There is nothing anyone can do to comfort the survivors, no law or policy that will bring back or properly honor the loved ones who were killed memories. I am not a proponent of knee jerk legislation or action.
When we react quickly and promptly to something as unfathomable as this type of thing bad legislation is usually the result. I choose not to comment or speak on this tragedy in the blog because I am never a proponent for bigger government or more laws. I only comment on the Senator’s interview because the senator who represents the state in which this tragedy took place is introducing something which is less of a law and more of an action that while it will not prevent violence it would make it harder to engage in gun violence.
“It is now illegal to sell firearms and ammunition to certain groups, including felons and the mentally ill. But background checks, Blumenthal said, are required only for the sale of firearms, not the bullets.”
This would not be a new law or some type of new prohibition. It would just be asking the federal government to enforce laws that already exist. The interviewer on the radio asked the senator if he felt it was important for this enforcement to be enacted before the fervor surrounding gun control brought on by this tragedy dissipates and he said the something to the effect that it should not take a tragedy to require this to happen.
I think he is right on. If our fervor for something dissipates then one has to question the fervor right? The term sleep on it comes to mind. If a decision or choice is right today should not the same choice be right tomorrow or the next day. Is right or wrong dependent on when and where we are and if so should it be?

I am not really a political person, but I do think that if an organization like the federal government is not doing background checks on ammunition and it is supposed to, perhaps it should before the group tries to implement new legislation.



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