Religion, Politics, the Nones and Less is more.

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesSo while reading through the news this morning I noticed a story by NPR called “Losing Our Religion“. The story is actually a series of stories about religion and it’s decline in the United States of America and this article dealt with defining who those that lost their religion are. The writer calls them the “nones”. ” Americans who say they don’t identify with any religion. Demographers have given them this name because when asked to identify their religion, that’s their answer: “none.””
As you read through the story you will notice that the nones as well as not identifying with a religion tend to not identify with any political or community organization. I began to wonder why people would not identify with an organization and I questioned my own motivates for not identifying with so many organizations.
That is when I realized that, “less is more” and that over the last 3 decades community organizations set up to do good have become these cold dogmatic pedantic machines.
Just a quick google search on Community Management training will help demonstrate how overly abundant and eager community organizations have become and as a result leadership in community organizations has become this wanton culture turning many joiners into the nones. Look at the highest office in the country being filled by a previous community planner??
What is the answer for organizations loosing future and present leaders well maybe it is to dial it down a notch focus less on the organization and more on the people.
People are and should always be more important than a message, or an organization and when they are not… Well then most will have nothing to do with that group.



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