The high numbers

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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tv_knobI grew up in a working class neighborhood. Most of the moms in the neighborhood stayed at home with the kids. The few kids who, had two working parents also had cable and were thought of as “rich”. “Wow Jim you have all these channels! This one is nothing but sports.” The channels Jim had were a lot higher than the regular free tv channels, they started on the channel band at like sixty. The cable channels were from then on for me called, the high numbers. When I got into middle school and cable became less expensive my dad got our family hooked up with the high numbers channels and the family quickly realized that the high numbers were not that great.

The high numbers had many more options than the free tv, but they were empty and vapid. It is this empty and vacuous nature (as well as the extra money) which keeps me from getting the high numbers at my house as an adult.
No among all the high numbers there are quite a few “news” outlets. These news outlets are less about reporting and more about editorializing. Through several conversations I’ve had with some co-workers it seems these high numbers have successfully indoctrinated their viewers as well. Just a few days ago I had a “high number person” tell me that the trail of tears was not an act of genocide!
I am not against choice the high numbers provide viewers with many options and are great for mindless entertainment, however when the high numbers cultivate within someone this type of thought one begins to question many things.


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