No one wants to see how the burgers are made.

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Most of us have eaten and still do, hamburgers or steak. This statement can be made in America with a certain, well certainty. (oh man I was in trouble like 3 words into that statement) On a serious note barring the vegan or the vegetarian most people consume and enjoy meat, but few enjoy where and how meat is made.

There is an organization called PETA. PETA is an acronym which stands for; People  for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization makes a bold statement on the website about the call for everyone to embrace the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle (please for all the vegans and vegetarians I know there is a difference but I am unsure what it is so I apologize for lumping you together..). “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way.”

I have already apologized to Vegans and Vegetarians and now I have to apologize to the animals of the world. I love steak, and I saved all my money while in middle school to buy a leather bomber jacket. I have watched the circus and clapped for the dogs and (insert gasp here) the elephants. One thing I am proud of though is I have never intentionally abused another living thing except for roaches. I know that roaches get a bad rap but they have it and I immediately squish them.

I am not swearing of meat right now. Who knows in the future I may join PETA and swear off meat and protest the circus, but not now. I think that defending the rights of animals is quite a lofty cause and I see great merit to it, but and I mentioned this book before in my blog, there is a book titled “Where am I wearing” it is a global tour to the companies factories and people who make our clothes, it is written by Kelsey Timmerman.


The book displays the horrific conditions that employees are in to manufacture garments sold all over the world. In the preface for the second edition book the author talks about chickening out. He mentions how he does not ask the worker he is interviewing about the conditions he works in, because with that knowledge he would have to either change his spending habits or become apathetic to what could be some serious suffering. Shouldn’t we work harder for the lives of people than we do animals?

I wonder how many ignorant chickens live in this world. We will not try to learn how the hamburger is made because we may not enjoy it as much. I am not sure if this is the case I have seen butchers and hunters and I still enjoy burgers, but after learning about the working condition placed on humans to manufacture many of the clothes I enjoy I am having a harder time truly enjoying them.

I am burdened by the work conditions and that is a big one but what bothers me even more is that I may be unwilling to accept what has to be done. A higher price has to be paid, by me the consumer to provide a better working condition, and I have to educate myself as a consumer through books like Zimmermans and I ask myself the same question every time I shop. How much do I care about the plight of someone else?? So if you are looking for an answer look no further? Did you follow the link to Where am I wearing?



I would like to end with an excert from the preface of the book

“I think deep down I really didn’t want to know about the realities of Amilcar’s life so I didn’t ask?”


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