And you are suprised?

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

imagesCA5BRYNQSO I start reading through the news stories this morning and I notice that there are stories and rumors about a pop singer at the most recent presidential inauguration in the United States lip synching the national anthem. My first thoughts are slow news day, and second was why would anyone be surprised about something un authentic taking place in Washington D.C. United States of America?
Let me go over this real quickly. The public viewed an inauguration on Monday, in Washington D.C. The President was actually sworn in through a private inauguration ceremony on Sunday. So the performance they were witnessing was not the official inauguration, it was made up and un authentic and then I am not sure about other countries but in America the most unauthenic people make up the United States government. So to marvel at a performer doing something that is non legitimate in a city full of non legitimate people is sort of silly.
I really think that the whole pomp and circumstance of the government is silly and expense and un needed, but then I realized. People who attend ceremonies like the presidential inauguration more than likely feel that the president and other public officials are genuine and important so perhaps the singer lip syncing was one more thread unraveling the shroud that has been draped over their eyes, and that can cause some what of a stir. Like when a child learns the magicians are actually employing an illusion as opposed to some type of mystical power.
None the less whether her performance was as un authentic as the leaders performance she was singing for if it was the real mcoy she did well and kudos to her.



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