Reciprocity: Making it Personal

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesSo yesterday the preacher used I john, again. For anyone not familiar with this book of the bible or the Christian religion, I john is a book of the bible, and the bible is the religious text for the Christian religion. The book of I John, is at its heart a book of ethics for the Christian religion. I John also outlines the reason for the ethics to be employed by one of the Christian faith.

The part of I John that the preacher honed in on yesterday was a part involving reciprocity. Reciprocity Reciprocity is a social construct which involves repaying a good deed with another good deed. The idea of reciprocity in a religions ethics is not exclusive to the christian religion. Basically ever major religion has some sort of rule, which makes it clear that mankind has to employ reciprocity. Most go a step further and demand what I like to call preemptive reciprocity, or as most others call it compassion.
There are some interesting abstracts that deal with the idea of reciprocity as a needed for species survival. That is, if reciprocity and compassion are not employed then the species cannot survive. Despite how much sense the concepts of reciprocity and compassion make, it can often be tempting to take the easy way out. Treat others without compassion and greedily take without giving back. It is important to remember that, when we take on this attitude of superiority and greed we are in a way, devolving.
Depending on whom you speak with, the human evolutionary process took about 200,000 years. When we act as our Homo habilis, ancestors and do not employ compassion or reciprocity, we are shrugging our shoulders at all that time and effort. We are also setting down precedents for our society to fall apart.
I know! I am laying it on pretty thick. But shouldn’t I? I mean shouldn’t reciprocity and compassion be personal?
I will end with a verse from the preachers text yesterday and my wish that everyone employ and experience both compassion and reciprocity this week.
I John 3:16(b.) “And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters”



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