Learning to drive a stick

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesCAAOLSLKMy oldest son Kyle and I were going to pick his brother up from his mom’s house. We had stopped and looked at two local parking lots already and the third one was when I hit pay dirt. Kyle didn’t know but he was about to get behind the wheel of my Nissan Altima Standard transmission and get his first driving lesson. Kyle is 14 years old I think he may not be a gear head but he has an interest in cars like most 14-year-old boys is extensive.
I put the car in neutral pulled the parking brake. I looked over at Kyle let him know that he would get his temporary licence next year and that now as good a time as any to get in some practice. We traveled around the empty parking lot Saturday morning never getting out of second gear. I watched Kyle’s focus and confidence build as he learned to shift both up and down. We also went in reverse a little.
I did not learn to drive a standard shift transmission car until I was an adult and a neighbor sold me his families secondary car. I think it is important for a teenager to master this skill and easier than an adult.
Don’t be fooled driving a standard shift is a skill as is driving. Learning a skill and using this skill to do something like move you around the parking lot or bring you to school and a part-time job are more than just inane parts of life. Here in the United States these skills are like rites of passage and I think they empower individuals. There will be many more driving lessons for Kyle and his brothers and sisters. through these lessons I hope they learn independence and the pride and joy that comes with that.
I know deep for a Tuesday.


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