Let’s sort this out

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesThe dockets of most metropolitan courts always seem to be full of criminal and civil cases. It is these full dockets that the producers and actors for the judge shows scan and in turn use to solicit the plaintiffs and defendants. Imagine the phone call…. producer: “Hello Mr Corrigan I am a producer for Judge John have you seen the show”. Me:”Why yes I have seen the show.” Producer” “OK, that’s good to hear, would you like to be on the show? Before you answer allow me to explain. You have a civil case which has been on the docket for almost a year now the defendant is open for moving this case to mediation and if you agree to do the same. The show will fly you out to LA you will be on the show and a decision will finally be made.”
That conversation or some variation takes place time and time again. Rights are waved and people go to LA shame themselves and family and get paid.
I can’t help but wonder if we as a society embraced an open dialogue and respect for one another. Would the judge shows stay in business?
Idk I do know if the judge shows went out of business for lack of fodder I would not shed a tear.


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