With emotions running high

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesThe title of this post when used in a sentence usually never accompanies something good. for example: “With his emotions running high, the commanding officer had his men charge the hill. They lost half their forces that day but still took the hill.” Emotions are powerful and often misunderstood. Emotions are generated in the limbic system of the brain and over 300,000 years of evolution mankind had still maintained this portion of the brain, however man kind has also developed the neopallium or rational brain. It is in the Neopallium that man can accomplish rational thought.

I was listening to a news story on the radio this morning and there were lobbyist meeting in Washington DC to lobby law makers to consider making stricter laws on society in concern with gun control. The news caster mentioned that the lobbyist scheduled the meeting and with emotions running high petitioned law makers to use the limbic part of the brain and enact these new laws.
Some lawmakers who have managed to suppress the limbic part of the brain and simply rely on the neopallium stand in staunch opposition and other men and lawmakers who seem to be using both the limbic and neopallium parts of their brain are offering a unique solution to the gun control issue.
What are the “two-part brain thinkers” offering? Liability insurance for gun owners…. I know it sounds strange and weird but upon further investigation this idea seems to have much merit. I am not sure where you are on the whole gun control debate. Myself, I am still undecided. My hope for me and you is that, in any decision or action you and I use all of our brains. The human brain is more sophisticated than the most powerful super computer, however based on what I see people do I am convinced that the human brain is one of the least used super computers in the world. We should change that



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