Bang! Where did your god go?

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I am reading about the big bang on wikipedia, because I obviously have no life, and I see a small line at the bottom of the article which reads:

“As a theory relevant to the origin of the universe, the Big Bang has significant bearing on religion and philosophy.[97][98] As a result, it has become one of the liveliest areas in the discourse between science and religion.[99] Some believe the Big Bang implies a creator,[100] while others argue that Big Bang cosmology makes the notion of a creator superfluous”

The small statement at the bottom of the article really got me to thinking. God is a personal construct. If you don’t believe it speak to members of the same congregation about god. They will more than likely all see different faces and aspects to god despite the fact that all have attended the same sermons and taken place in the same indoctrination process. I cannot speak for the entire world but here in the United States there seems to be a consensus that most peoples image of god has been shaped through the influence of father figures in their lives.

I only mention the father thing to reinforce the fact that each persons god despite shared religion and even experience is a little different. As we get older and learn more through the cognitive process our view of god will change again and again. Our god will morph from the one that was shaped by our father to the one that was made through ones self.  The message at the bottom of the article points more towards a persons identity. Do you identify with a god or not and if you do identify with a god is this god  needed or is he superfluous(which by the way is an awesome word I so want to work that into conversation today)? I guess honestly this all has to do with the what I like to call  unweaving the rainbow debate? In his book Unweaving the Rainbow, Richard Dawkins works hard to explain how science and art are not at odds and how things like religion, astrology, magic and aliens are all fairy tales. For me religion is not a science book, so the big bang did not destroy my god it simply made him cooler. That this was his method or way of creating everything is just incredible. Does the big bang make him more distant and therefore not needed? No, not for me. What about you?





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