Yesterday was Sunday and as part of my Sunday rituals I attend a Sunday School in my local church.I like Sunday School, the teacher is a nice guy and the material that he teaches with is very engaging. Yesterday’s lesson was about church leadership. The biblical reference for the lesson came from the book of Timothy. Timothy is a book in the new testament of the bible. The book of Timothy is basically a long letter from Paul to an apostle named Timothy. Timothy is a young minister in the city of Ephesus. Paul is an older church founder. The Sunday School lesson dealt with Timothy’s need to establish some type of leadership in the church he was creating. Paul warned Timothy that, if he didn’t establish leadership others would in the church and he outlines all the moral guidelines for church leaders. The teacher of the Sunday school class mentions that these guidelines could also work for leaders in other establishments. I agree somewhat. The major difference between a religious organization and a business is that a religious organization is made to help people grow and learn within their religion. Religions have codes, world views. cultural nuances, moral values, narratives and are intended to give meaning to life. Business establishments on the other hand are organizations made to engage in the trade of goods or services. So a great  leader in church may not always be the best leader in a business.

A great leader for the cChurchBusinesshurch needs to have high morals and act righteously and altruistic. A leader in business needs to ensure a business makes money selling goods or services. Making sure a business makes money selling goods or services may not always require acting righteously or altruistic. So what am I saying? Can a man not be successful leader in business if he acts righteously or altruistic? No many successful business leaders have acted this way and continue to do so however, many more have not acted this way and are also successful leaders in business. Because of the nature of religion, the man who attempts to lead a religious organization the same way as a business will fail as a religious leader.  In the same way if we apply business principles to personal relationships we will come up wanting or missing something. 




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