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Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Almost every Friday and sometimes on Wednesday or Thursday, me and my girlfriend go into the local BlockBuster video store and rent a movie. Last Friday we went into the store to rent a movie and we were hit with some bad news. The video rental store was closing it’s doors. Blockbuster was and is having a going out of business sale. Everything must go. I was a little upset the ritual was lame but kind of fun of course we will find another way to pass our time and I got a really killer deal on like five movies, but still it is kind of sad. As I was checking out I realized that my despondency had to be at least matched if not surpassed by the staff at the closing store. So since misery truly does love company, I struck up a conversation. In my conversation I quickly realized that the store staff was not despondent at all. The young man was excited about getting back to school and the older lady was ready to “move on to the next step in her retail career.” Maybe they were just putting up a front, a strong facade or maybe they really were excited whatever it was it kind of empowered me a little bit.


Life throws us curve balls. It truly seems the only thing constant about life is change and we can embrace the changes and roll with the punches or we can get ran over by the changes and knocked out.





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