So I have a choice?

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Choice, it is important. Choice empowers us and helps give us purpose. Choices define us and separate us from the animals. Instead of acting on pure instinct we can choose. We can decide today what to wear, when to wake up. What and when and where  to eat. We can pick were we live and how we live. Choice is something that we seem to be getting more and more of, everyday. Television viewing demonstrates the growing choices we have. You can pick between satellite, cable, internet and rabbit ears or for the brave all of the above. Food choices are as diverse as the people cooking and serving. It is not uncommon in one mall to see all kinds of food types. With all these choices some of us can get overwhelmed and forget the most important choice of them all. Every moment of everyday we choice to be happy.

Crazy when you think about it right? Some will argue that genes and outside influences make them unhappy and they cannot control these things and to a certain extent they are right, however they are also wrong to a certain extent. Last year in January I wrote about the time before soap was used in hospitals. Before soap a hospital stay was considered a death sentence, now after soap the hospital stay while uncomfortable is far from a death sentence. My reason for the digression and trip down memory lane is this. You can change what seems to be unchangeable, but not until you change your perspective.


We are ultimately the ones who choice our perspectives and happiness is not a place, or a moment it is a state of mind. I know it can seem like hope is gone. But here is another dirty secret. Your personal trainer, religious leader and school teacher will not tell you but the secret is you have to choice to be happy, and you also have to choice to find hope. 


“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln
peace and be happy

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