Why the miracles?

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I am of the Christian faith and in the Christian text there are accounts of miracles. All types of miracles. Things that happen to people through divine intervention from god. The Islam, Judaism and Buddhist faiths all also have within their religious texts records of miracles. But my question is why are there miracles? Why would god need to help his people directly when he set up the world and controls everything why would he need to step in and intervene?

I am unsure. Some religious people will tell you that miracles are proof for unbelievers but knowing some unbelievers, I would disagree with that. Others will tell you it is so man understands the need for god, this idea is more believable. It seems every major monotheistic religion points out mans need for the divine. The reason aside the recording of miracles is nothing new. It seems that collectively the why for miracles is an elusive answer, but what about individually?

Well first you would need to define a miracle.

A miracle is defined as

1: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

2: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment
The second definition I find interesting. Would you disagree with the statement that a one and a million statistic qualifies as outstanding or extreme? If you had answered no then you may be interested in the philosopher Littlewood and Littlewoods law.   Littlewood’s law,  states that an individual can expect to experience “miracles” at the rate of about one per month. That is some really good news and if you follow the link Littlewood explains why. So individually why miracles. Well let’s see a miracle is a one and a million event and until the late 1700’s a person catching smallpox was basically given a death sentence. In 1977 smallpox was completely eradicated from the earth. Is that a miracle? The chances for survival were one in a million prior to vaccination and after the disease has basically disappeared I say yes. So miracles help and save lives. Why miracles? Because sometimes somebody needs a little help
 But in looking for an answer. I realized that we can do miracles. There was a video on the internet which went viral. In the viral video a New York police officer gave a homeless man a pair of boots.  I wonder how many people passed by the man, 100, 1,000? If it was a million then the police officer made a miracle happen, right?   Miracle or not the police officer did something good for someone else. The Police officers act of kindness made a difference for the man without shoes and a woman who captured it on video.“This man’s face lit up like it was Christmas and like, he had just been given, literally, a million dollars,” Foster told the Today Show.

So.. why miracles?? Why not?






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