Vide games you say

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ok so when you get the chance visit, set up an account and start playing a puzzle game. The game is free, fun and it has a purpose, other than entertaining you. Yeah that’s right the video game is helping MIT scientist map the neural network of an eye. There is a whole write up on NPR about video games being used to help scientists and engineers solve problems. It is a really great story, when you get the chance you should follow the link and read about it.


Two things I found most interesting were, the fact that residents of planet Earth spend 3 billion hours per week playing video games and  the statement about computer games being a populist way to find talent. “Computer games may be a more populist way of drawing people into science and invention.”

One thing the world has no less of are problems. As a world we face different obstacles everyday and far to often the communities we look to for answers close themselves off from the world. These communities become elitist and close minded when they should be more populist and open-minded. The idea of using video games to solve problems is an open-minded “out of the box” idea that is so crazy it might just work.

Sometimes we may face an obstacle that seems impossible. First of all absolutely nothing is impossible if it can be imagined it can be achieved. Second you may have to change your approach and play with it (you know like you would a video game.)




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