I’m not the wizard you were expecting, but

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“I’m not the wizard you were expecting, but I may be the wizard you need.” — That is the quote from the Movie I watched this weekend with my girlfriend  and seven kids. Yeah seven. The movie was, The great and powerful OZ. The movie casted James Franco as OZ, a carnival magician and con man who in a Kansas tornado was swept away to the land of OZ and recruited by the good witch to help free the land of OZ from the tyranny of the wicked witches.


Oz didn’t really have any magic, but used what he had which was ingenuity and support of the people of OZ to do battle against the wicked witches. I will not let you know how it ends. No spoiler here but, do know the movie was excellent.

Oz makes the quote above before he purposes his plan for the movies epic battle. I love that all the kids heard this quote because I think it is important that they learn early on in life that life is not perfect and we have to often do great things with what seems not so great.




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