Whoa!! That was a little too much cologne

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This morning I was nursing a headache caused from a bad reaction to some of the allergens in the area I live in. I was just starting to feel the headache pain ebb a little when I pushed down to hard on a stuck plunger and sprayed a copious amount of cologne on my neck. The cologne caused the headache pain to flow and brought with it a flood of memories.

There was an interesting article pointing out how, for most people smell is a very strong trigger of memories. I think from this mornings ordeal I am inclined to accept this article as a truth. I could remember exactly where and when I was when I bought this cologne. Not only could I remember where and when I was when I bought the cologne but how I felt when I did. This memory was a good one because I bought the cologne while at the airport on my way home and (confession time I am a bad shopper) I was on the cell phone with my girlfriend who was going to be seeing me at the airport when I got home.


I felt the anticipation of meeting her and then the excitement. So even though the stuck plunger and my accidental over cologning brought a headache it made me smile.

Enjoy your loved ones everyone





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