So It is Tuesday and Sunday seems like an eternity away but I am drawn back to the words from the preacher’s Sunday morning service. I am not sure what religion or denomination of faith you are or if you are even someone who believes in a god and after life. I am of the Christian faith and the Baptist religion and I know that Christianity has gotten somewhat of a bad rap lately, what with the debate about acknowledgement of homosexual relationships among other things but two days ago our preacher used John chapter 11 as his text.

In John chapter 11 we read about how Jesus was told that his best friend Lazarus was very sick. Jesus goes to the house and is too late because Lazarus is dead. Jesus then comforts the sisters of his best friend, sheds tears for his best friend and resurrects Lazarus from the dead.

The preacher tells us in part of the scripture that what Jesus did for his friend and his sisters was more than a theological thing, or a spiritual thing it was something out of love.


Listening on the news, today about the “Arab Spring” and Israeli Palestinian violence I can’t help but think that the ones involved have to somehow learn to look beyond, tradition, religion, race all the divisive things and find love. Love like that which Jesus possessed when he cried over his friend and then resurrected him from the dead. Love like that of a mother for her children. This is the love that is needed. This love is bigger than morals and values that are often used to separate people who should not be separate.

If our species plans on surviving we have to get away from things that divide.





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