There are no more boundaries

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My grand father would come home from work, change out of his uniform, do whatever chores he had watch some tv, help out my dad, uncle and aunt with their homework, get washed up for dinner. His home and work life had no business mingling together. My grandmother, dad, uncle and aunt had a glimpse of grandpa’s work life on bring the family to work day but other than that there was a hard boundary and distinct difference you had home and work. My dad works still in the repair business. My dad would come home from work change out of his uniform help me and my sisters with homework, do some chores wash up for dinner and sometimes there would be a call on his cellphone. Dad would leave dinner change back into work clothes and go fix the broken devices. Dad wasn’t always on call the company would rotate the on call shift, but the boundary was a little blurred dad drove home a van with his tools in it and the company he worked for name plastered all over the side of it. When I first started working for the company I am currently working for they gave me a company cell phone and lap top. I can read and send e-mails from my work cell phone and I can log into the company’s network from any internet connections using the work lap top. For me as with many modern-day employees there is almost no boundary at all between work and home life.


I am not sure if there was a moment when the culture shifted or if it was a good or bad thing but I am sure it has shifted. Since this shift has taken place I have an important piece of advice for anyone entering the work place. Learn to do something you love. It is a lot easier to work at home during your leisure time when you love to do something.


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