God needs you

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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imagesSo the preacher did it again. He made it onto my blog post. Sunday the Preacher brought forth the message about Palm Sunday. He read from Mark. In the Christian religion our savior was a man and also God he lived on earth and was arrested, impr=isoned and executed by the rulers. After his execution he rose from the dead. Prior to his arrest he rode into the city he was arrested in on a donkey. He rode into the city amidst fanfare as if he was a war heroe. People cheered and threw palm frams on the road in front of the donkey he rode in on. The palm part of the saviors triumphant entrance is where palm Sunday gets its name from.

The text the preacher read from, described in  detail the day before and the day of The triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Jesus who in Christianity is also part of god, told his followers to go to a mans house in town and take the donkey. If the man asks let him know that the lord needs this. The preacher pointed out that Jesus since he was God could have simply manifested a donkey but he needed man to go get the donkey for him and today he needs man to do much.

I am not sure what religion you are, but I am sure that religion as everything else in life works best when we invest in it. God, family friends country and work need us. What do they need us to do well that all depends on, what is going on. But what remains is the need.

A secret equation exists in the universe one that if learned early in life makes life more enjoyable and it is this: “In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy.”  ~Karl Reiland



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