What are you doing?

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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That was asked of me often as a child pre teen and teenager. I know crazy right? Well crazy question yes, but even more crazy is that I usually did not have a very good answer. I honestly did not know. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing the thing I was doing.

Thinking back I can laugh and I also realize many people have lived parts of their lives this way. Just kind of here and enjoying it. This is good to be in the moment however it is also good to be focused and aware of exactly what is going on in this moment and what part we are playing in what is going on.

I know it is a lot of pressure right? I apologize about that but sometimes life can be tough. But honestly understanding is important and required. I am reminded of this news story I read about the union pension funds investing in companies which are responsible for outsorcing the same jobs that retires are now drawing funds from working.  I read another story about another union in a different city

In my hometown of Cleveland Ohio the Hugo Boss suit company had planned to shutter it’s doors and fire all of its textile workers. The doors were shut and the machines were all but taken apart. Then a miracle for the workers happened the doors reopened and the machines fired back up. It seems the Hugo Boss Union knew what they were doing and were their money went. The union pension funds owned heavy investments in the European firm which controlled the purse strings for Hugo Boss. Instead of making money for retires off work from Turkey the retires pressured the company to keep open the American plant and make money for their pensions off of the backs of the next local generation.


See how an awareness of exactly what and why we are doing things can help?





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