It’s Really up to you isn’t it?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So driving home from work I heard a story about scientist and a study. The study involved young people and the act of encouraging them to see happiness in ambiguous expressions of others. The study had some interesting results.

The young people who were involved in the study were at high-risk of criminal offending and delinquency and by seeing happiness where there was basically nothing the scientist noted that violence in the ones seeing happiness went down.

My mother among many others, has always called it finding the silver lining. looking for the good in others. 


It’s hard to see the good in people, when you’re only looking for the bad.

Am I suggesting we open ourselves by employing an overly naive optimistic view? By no means at all am I suggesting this? What I am suggesting is that before we judge others lack of expression, and we will judge others, ( a lot today) that we employ a optomistic view. Science says that this will make a difference.






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