Friday in my neighborhood is trash day, so on Friday I take the trash can to the curb. Today is Friday this morning one more step in my daily morning ritual is the trash to the curb. I am usually not fully cognizant at this time or aware of everything but this morning I did notice next to the can a cars broken serpentine belt. it illicit some sympathy from me I note its place next to the can and move on.

I start the car and go on to the rest of my morning rituals which involve a trip to two schools and a trip into my office. I look down at my dashboard to check my speed and notice that my low fuel indicator light is on. I head towards the gas station to fill up the car jerks forward slows down stops. I stare at the dashboard and see that the check battery light is now on. The announcer on the radio disappears and me and my riders exit the vehicle.

We are halfway to the gas station when an officer of the law stops us.  The morning in GA is usually hot and muggy and the break in our am trek is almost welcomed by me. The law officer asks if I am who I am I answer yes and I preemptively answer his next question. “As soon as I get to the gas station I will purchase a tank of gas fill it up and get the car off of the road.” He feels some compassion on our trio and the three of us pile into the back of the police cruiser. He takes us to the station we get the gas can and gas. He then brings us back we start the car up bid the officer farewell and go on to the gas station.

At the gas station the car again stops, the battery light on the dash is still on. I open the hood for inspection and notice the lack of a serpentine belt.  Ahh mystery solved!! I was the one who I was feeling sorry for during my morning trash drop off. I make a call to my girlfriend and arrange for a ride to school and work then I call the garage to arrange for a tow and repair.

My girlfriend arrives the car is towed away and everyone gets to where they should be. Now is time for the thank you. Often with law enforcement we see the hammer but today I saw and felt the compassion from the men in blue.  Thank you local law enforcement! At the gas station a woman who was running late, stopped and gave my car a jump. Thank you to the good Samaritan who didn’t have to stop! My girlfriend who was already at work, stopped what she was doing to come pick me up. Thank you very much for that! The man at the garage who arranged the tow and the tow truck driver also deserve thanks.

I will do my best to express my gratitude to everyone, but I may never meet these people again. How can I express my gratitude to them? Easy one. I can “pay it forward” and help when others are in need.  Have a great weekend everyone!!pay%20it%20forward




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