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Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I was twenty years old, I had been away from home since I was 18, I was hundreds of miles away from my family and at times I felt alone. I was raised in the church by my mother and it was in the church where I found some friends and almost family like people.
I was sitting in the pew listening to the music from an amazing trio of gospel singers and I felt sublime in that moment.
The trio was made up of two women and one man. The man named Wayne Parker was a good man. Wayne had a wonderful voice and what seems like a deep unfathomable love for people. Wayne has recently passed away, but his memory and impression will live on in me and all the people he has touched.

Sometimes it feels like when looking  for good in others  and ourselves we are climbing a smooth glass mountain. There are times, when tragedy strikes at the hands of men that  it is really hard to find good in mankind and there are times when we feel this ire within us that we wonder where the good is in ourselves.

It is at these times that I think about a few concepts and Wayne. First I think about the light versus darkness analogy. When we are in the darkest cave just the smallest light makes a big difference.  When we are facing a really “dark” time or tragedy it can be encouraging to remember that the smallest act of kindness will have monumental consequences.  Second I think about the snowball effect. A snowball effect is the explanation for the virtuous and vicious circle. One small effort good or bad can build on itself as a snowball moving down a mountain does becoming a powerful avalanche. Finally I remember Wayne and that love he had for what seems like everyone.


Wayne was truly a good man. He helped when it was needed. Seeing Wayne help and give till it hurt clued me in on the secret. What does it mean to be a good person? How can I be happy? The answer is simple but the execution can at times seem impossible but it is possible and being done by good people like Wayne every day.

The secret to happiness is to help others.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others” Booker T Washington

RIP Wayne Parker (1951 – 2013)


You will be missed




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