Without you there is not we

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As a child I would be carted around every summer on all of my moms errands and as a child I was a sponge. I heard and saw all different kinds of places and people and I remember hearing people say things like “well this is how they do this” or, “we will be fine if I don’t do that”.

I remember thinking who is this “we” or the “they” that I heard so much about and I also remember thinking that they must be tired. After getting older graduating from school and entering the work place I realized quickly that the they is really us. In case you couldn’t already tell todays rant has to do with personal responsibility.

Chores at work and home can seem mundane and tiresome but they have to be done. In an office I used to work at a woman had a paper taped to her desk it read like this:

“There were once four brothers: Everyone, Someone, Anyone and Noone. They had a very important task to do. Everyone was sure that Someone will do it. Anyone could have done it, but Noone did it in the end. Someone was angry because it’d have been Everyone’s job. Everyone thought that Anyone could have done it, but Noone realized that Noone will do it in the end. In the end, Everyone was angry at Someone because No one did what Anyone would’ve done.”

I love that paper. I have seen and, shamefully, must admit have been involved in that exact situation before.  Today there will be tasks that you face and although it can be tempting to walk away and let someone handle them I challenge you to see what you can do. Because it is like Christopher Robin told Winnie the Pooh ” You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  

I am sure whatever task you face you can take care of it and I am also sure that you will feel so good about yourself after you have taken care of it.


I think I should close with the words of a man who has made an impact on the world and continues to make an impact.


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