If you have read other Monday posts of mine, you may know that, I am a Baptist. That is the religion I practice and Sunday mornings I usually find myself, between the hours of 11 am and noon in the Baptist sanctuary. Yesterday I found myself in the sanctuary listening to the minister read from  the book of Joshua in the Bible. The Baptist denomination of the Christian faith uses the King James bible as its religious text. The book of Joshua is a book found in the old testament and is in the Hebrew bible as well as the Christian Bible. The text was written in Hebrew and outlines Joshua’s time as ruler of Israel.

Yesterdays sermon was taken from the first chapter of Joshua. Something that really resonated with me happened when the minister began to demystify through his elucidation of Joshua Chapter 8 “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night”. It seems that the Hebrew  word meditate also means murmur.  The preacher mentioned this in passing because his sermon was more about how to be strong and courageous as a leader, but like I mentioned earlier this small point really resonated with me.

 Murmuring is something we all do. We do it at home, at work in the car. Some psychologist call it self talk and it is often done in frustration and anger and because of this it may involve profanity or cursing at individuals oneself or a situation. The word of God in the book of Joshua verse 8 was all about love.


Now I know that there is much talk of the old testament god being a vengeful god, but the recurring theme in the Christian faith is a loving god.

So I thought how much better would my Monday go if when I began my murmuring I make sure to include love? I am not sure yet because Monday isn’t over but my  murmuring and self talk so far today has been a mix of profanity and love. If nothing else this experiment will make for an interesting monologue.





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