How are we going to do.. What??

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The world is changing. Always changing. The way we did things two years ago are not the same way we do things today. You can go to and buy a 3-d printer (for about 2 grand). You can then go to and download designs for..let’s say a microscope. Feed the printer with the raw material and design through your laptop or tablet and within less than an hour (depending on which printer you bought) you will have a working telescope.


The process which only a few years ago that took a dozen people, a warehouse and an extensive toolkit can now be accomplished at home in your garage. This example is a drastic one but not un-realistic. Because of the changing work place managers and executives have been struggling to keep up with employees and their productivity. Companies which offer managers, productivity tools have cropped up like weeds on my un kept lawn.

As I look over all the productivity tools I began to think that many tools and managers miss the point of employees. Isn’t it the employees job to make the company profitable? So much focus is on productivity today in the modern work place and office that I think not enough maybe spent on turning production into profits.

This trap of losing focus on what is important is not exclusive to business and managers. It can become a trap that many parents, uncles aunts and siblings fall into. A relationship with family members can become estranged for many reasons and most of the time these reasons are petty and small.

At work and home today I want to try to focus on what is important and less on what isn’t. Maybe I will not get left behind  the ever changing world. Maybe





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