Altogether now!

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Saturday afternoon my girlfriend and I boarded the docked Roseway Schooner and set sail for a two hour day sail. The Roseway is a schooner and historic landmark, it is also a sailboat and a lot of fun on a Saturday afternoon. After boarding the captain let us know where the life vests were and how to use them. The captain retreated to the helm at the back of the boat, or for the nautical readers, he took the helm at the boats stern.
The captains first mate took his position midship and explained how the sails were raised. After the first mates explanation orders were barked and everyone got to work raising the sail.
I held the rope listened for the order and on “altogether now” we pulled the ropes and raised the sail.
The ship was full and there were many people pulling on the line but, it wasn’t until we worked together that we could raise the sails. Working together can sometimes be difficult it can at other times seem impossible, but if we do not work together we will never set sail.





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