She had a dream.

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sandra Aguebor, had a dream and in her dream god told her to become a car mechanic. Despite talking with god this dream and career choice can, when looking at it from most of te world seem mundane. For Sandra the dream and her career choice was radical, Sandra is from Benin City, Edo state Nigeria. In Nigeria before Sandra there were no women mechanics. With the support of her family Sandra graduated from school, became a mechanic and founded a school that teaches other women the same trade. When you get the chance you should read her story.
We all have dreams and we are all told dreams. It can be easy to dismiss our own and others dreams as nonsense, but when we don’t we are opening the door for success. I have been lucky to have a support structure that has encouraged my dreams, some have become reality others not, but I have never felt unsupported.
Now that I have kids I hope I can support and promote their dreams.




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