Step one Show up

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There we were. We were graduating we had paid the tuition, attended the classes and turned in all the necessary work.  Truth be told, we had already received our degree, the certificate we were getting was really just bread and circuses. I however had paid a fair amount of money and was going to participate in this event. Plus there was free food after it was all over and I don’t like passing on free food.

The graduation went off without a hitch which was kind of an disappointment, my high school graduation involved a beach ball and some upset teachers and councilors but it was really fun.

I can’t remember if we heard the speeches before or after we received the degree. I can’t remember how many speeches we heard, but I do remember singing “America the Beautiful” at the beginning of the ceremony and I remember the dean speaking to us.

The dean let us know how proud he was and that grandchildren are truly a blessing. The dean also gave us the two-step secrets to getting and keeping a good job.

Step one was.. Show up. Step two was…. Show up on time.

The dean was a brilliant man!  Workplace attendance and punctuality are paramount to a productive day and successful career. Absenteeism  is one of the most common problems in the workplace today. 

Sometimes, most of the time, at work we feel like we are spinning our wheels and getting nothing done. We get in a funk and feel frustrated we are not sure what to do to break out of it. Try showing up a little earlier. When you get in use the quiet time to address the road blocks in your way. You would be surprised how much more you can get done without all the regular distractions. Your boss will also notice that you are there and it will make a good impression on him or her.

See the dean was brilliant!  Sometimes at home we may feel the same funk or trapped feeling. Try waking up more early. 

Last week I had to get my passport. I showed up 15 minutes early for my appointment. I was certain I would have some time to read my book and do some people watching at the post office. I had no time for that though. The man behind the counter saw me early and sent my paperwork on through. The power of punctuality is something to marvel at.  A friend of mine commented on the power of being early for childrens doctors appointments. His wife was usaully the one who took their children into the doctors office she was never late and also never early and her appointments took “all day”. He had a day off arrived early and was seen right away!

See the dean was brillant!! 





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