We seek the love we think we deserve

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There was a movie I watched last night called, “The Perks of being a Wall flower“. This is a really good one, worth a rent!

The high school boy in the movie falls in love and reaches out to an english teacher with a question. “Why do good people love not good people?” The teacher answers with the gem that is this titles post.

Relationships in high school are tricky. Relationships in college are tricky. Relationships out of school are tricky. Relationships are tricky. Why are relationships so tricky? I thinks some insight might be found through the English teachers answer.

“We seek the love we think we deserve.”  This thought which seems to be true, leads one to believe that he or she must first love themselves before they can ever love anyone else. Love respect honor all qualities we should posses and extol on us and others.  Sometimes we get it backwards and treat others better than ourselves and then sometimes we treat us better than others. When we do these things we knock the balance of our relationship off and problems start.

I think what I find most compelling about this statement is how much control it gives the reader or receiver. Problems with a relationship? Look first within yourself. I wonder how many “problems” there would be if we all took this self-control to heart. Really became masters of our lives and controllers of our happiness through self-control, respect and love?

Just something to think about





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