The wrong crowd

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is an excerpt in “My Booky Wook 2”, where it’s author Russel Brand, speaks about going n stage when the venue is not his. It seems he was at a rock concert and the act that was the main event was late. Really late, at the urging of some of his friends Russell stepped on stage and was not meet with a welcoming attitude.

Russell learned that night that you never get on stage if you are not on the venue. Just the other day I was in a meeting. The manager of the meeting did something that, after being involved in enough meeting I would never suggest doing, but she opened it up for “comments and questions”. The blood bath began! The profitable company I worked for suddenly became a “dismal pit of despair in which no one was promoted paid or appreciated”. Foolish and naive I mentioned that perhaps the concerns of the group were not really company concerns but more like big picture concerns for the individual or the type of work that we did. I felt like something should be said. We work in IT for the company, we are among the higher paid tier our hours are very flexible and the work is not physically straining at all yet this meeting was full of complaints.

Well I was not welcomed by my peers. Russell Brand was right if this is not your gig do not get on stage. You will usually not be welcome. People, despite what they say, usually do not want advice from anyone, particularly when they are complaining.  What most people want is affirmation and resolution when they are complaining. Resolution can usually only come from a venues leader.





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