Managed chaos

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A co-worker was speaking with our boss and mentioned that she felt like she was involved in chaos. The boss let her know it was ok though because it was managed chaos.

A recent article I read which dealt with ambiguity stated that reading fictional works would help people. Ambiguity will always exist at home and at work. Just when everything seems to make sense and work according to order we get “the rug jerked out from under us”. We are confused when confronted with change and there is always change. Everything changes, core values remain but everything else changes.

Some choose to ignore, others embrace and some others fight the change. I couldn’t tell you what the right approach to this is but I can say that you will have many chances to test the waters.

Whatever the approach I would keep in mind that change and confusion are natural so don’t worry too much about it and if you are really struggling with chaos ambiguity caused my change or maybe even by the mundane just try relaxing and reading a good book





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