Nothing is the source of everything

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Just yesterday I was listening to someone interview Deepak Chopra.  For anyone not familiar with Dr. Chopra (and not wanting to follow the link. Yes the link will take you to wikipedia. ) is a licensed medical doctor who practices traditional as well as holistic medicine., he is world-famous and believes among other things that health is mult i -faceted and that a one sided approach to treatment may not be the best way to practice.

During the interview the host asked the doctor about some supercilious situation in the media and he said something along the lines of it doesn’t really matter because we are all nothing anyways.  That injection of perspective got me to thinking about life and how many times we concern ourselves too much with what shouldn’t really matter.

I am not sure how we can function without getting all worked up about somethings but I think maybe step one is gaining perspective. We are all matter which came from nothing so, nothing really matters. Starting there and working backwards may help us regain some perspective. Sort of like counting to ten when you are upset..

Well just a thought





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