Life can stink sometimes.

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Changes happen, sometimes changes happen all at once. Often the changes that happen are unexpected and even when they are expected they are usually unwanted. We feel like we are getting thrown a “curve ball”, it can feel like we have embraced the changes faced them head on and then another change hits us.  This can make us feel like retreat is our only option. “Fall back, to a safe place”. We look back and realize that what lies behind us has changed as much as what lies ahead. That is when we truly feel as though life stinks.

We have lost what is familiar and what we tried to embrace isn’t exactly what we thought it should have been. That stinks and is no good. We can feel scared and upset at the same time. When life starts to stink and make us feel this way it can sometimes help to define life. I thought about giving you the dictionary definition here, but we all know what that is. No you fill in the blank here. What is life, besides stinky right now?

Some say life is a gift, others a curse some a happy mistake, some call it a miracle, some say it is long some say it is short. Life is really truly what you make it.  It can be a gift or a curse. People with less than you have been more happy, people with more than you have been sadder than you and vice versa.

I am convinced that we have little control over many things. We cannot change the weather, or other people’s personalities, but we can control how we define our lives and to some extent we can control how we influence other lives.

So what is life? For you how do you see your life? I could tell you just how amazing it is that you and I are here in this state… That the universe worked magic that is incredible and created this amazing organism that is you, but see you already know this, life stinks but you don’t have to let the smell get you down..






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