Everyone has a story

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have a confession, I participate in binge television watching. Me and my girlfriend (should that be my girlfriend and I?), the two of us. Will turn on the tv watch Hulu + and view half or a full season of a television series in one or two settings. We were involved in one of these benders the other day with a series called “Once upon a Time”. It is a pretty good show classified as sci. fi (not sy fy because that is stupid), about a town from fairy tale land that was cursed by the evil queen and sent to Story brook In Maine United States America. All the men women and children of the town forgot their pasts except for certain key players.

The series plays out with new scenarios as well as flashbacks (a lot like “Lost” another series by the famed JJ Abrams).  I am not sure exactly why I like the series. It is well written and the acting is decent but nothing is spectacular. I think a began reason for my affinity to this diversion comes from discovering, with my girlfriend, all the details about the individuals in the series.

The audience gets a chance, through the narrative,  to uncover the truth about the bad guys and good guys. The bad guys are not all bad and the good guys are not always good.

I can’t help but think this goes on in life through connecting and listening to everyone we interact with. Learning more about everyone will make your life more full more interesting.

Today we should all take time to learn more, about someone other than our self. What’s going with your co – worker, boss or employee, at home, at work or with their family?




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