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“How am I doing?”

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The post title was the question asked by the late Ed Koch. When he was mayor of New York city Ed would ask the public that question. People would answer. Knowing how people are I think Ed would have gotten an opinion without a question, but the simple gesture of asking that question may have created an environment in such a busy and hectic city that made everyone feel involved.

I am not sure where you work or what you do, but I am going to go out on a limb and say you have a boss and a customer. If you do have a boss and a customer you really have two bosses. When was the last time you had a career  check up? Have you spoke with both of the bosses and asked how you are doing?

You may be surprised when you get the results. If your boss is any good at what he or she does you shouldn’t be surprised at what he or she says, but the customer, (who when you think about it is everyone’s boss)  they may surprise you. You will never know unless you ask.




The book is called Touching a Nerve the self as Brain. The book poises that the brain, not something higher, is what controls men and women.  She points out that there is not a soul.

As a church goer and believer in a higher power I am tempted to dismiss immediately, this scientists position, but I don’t I listen read and watch and I remember a minister telling me that he loves his wife with his whole liver. The liver is more the center of our body and now I see a sort of campaign for making the liver a thing. The center of who we are.

To suggest that the mind is what controls us what is us and not the soul.. Should this change our religious believes? I guess it depends on what your religious beliefs are. If we were to say that our religion makes us whole and saves our brain instead of our soul would this be a bad thing? Should semantics stop us from living a good life?

I say of course no. Whether it is a soul or a brain I don’t think we should ever diminish the need for morality.  Maybe I am simplifying this too much, but I feel like this idea this issue maybe more of a semantics issue than any thing else.

This debate of the mind versus a soul feels eerily reminiscent to the debate of demon possession versus mental illness. How many men and women suffered from Tourettes  syndrome and were accessed as demon possessed?

The mind and the soul are very complicated mysteries and as we learn more about each, we may as a world, come to the conclusion that the two are one in the same.

I am not sure and we will soon see but will we be saying he has a good mind and I love you with all my liver? I don’t know He has a good soul and I love you with all my heart has a much better ring to it doesn’t it?



“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life” –Ray Bradbury

I absolutely loved and still love “Fahrenheit 451” I read the book at a break neck pace. I went with my brother in law to the local library book club. At the book club I listened and spoke with others who also loved this book. If you have never read this book you should. Ray Bradbury has a list of works that have spanned decades and been amazing.  It is something to note that this accomplished man puts so much weight into imagination.

Another accomplished man does the same:

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

Imagination is  is the ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses.  Imagination is definitely “thinking outside the box”.

With imagination man has found cures for the incurable, tamed the wild and will find the answers to all the other things life throws at him.

Today is a Monday and you may come up against some situations that seem impossible. Whatever it is know that it isn’t impossible, you may just need to use your imagination.



“To thine ownself be true.” says Polonius in Hamlet. He son was leaving him, Polonius may never see him again and these are his parting words, among others. To thine ownself be true. Who are you? A question we grapple with and wrestle with and as we get older we change into Is that who I am?

I am a firm believer in the concept of actions defining a person. So how can we know ourselves? I guess if action defines a person than the best way to know who you are is to get involved and do something. Do things you think you will love and do things you think you will not love, you may surprise yourself. Just be sure that you “do no harm”.

Until we get involved and do something we have no idea who we are.   So without knowing who we are we could go through life “living a lie.”

So there was this preacher back in then nineties that was on tv and he would yell “don’t just sit there do something!” There it is for today your rally call. Don’t just sit there do something!



A reminder

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The other morning a friend of mine sent me an e-mail as a reminder for life. The e-mail had a link to an unforgiving magazine article.  The article is titled 6 harsh truths that will make you a better person. The number six truth made me smile.

The world only cares about what it can get from you. The article explains that if you approach a man suffering from a gunshot wound, and offer to help but cannot it will not matter. The man suffering from the wound does not need a good guy he needs a guy who can stop the bleeding. I love this truth because it points out that society needs help and if you cannot and are not helping than no one cares.

Perhaps it is unfair to bring compassion into this? People may care but it doesn’t matter. I used to have a school teacher that told me “being with someone in spirit is the same as not being there at all.” If you are not working and helping you are simply not working and or helping.

It is important to care about and have compassion, but if this compassion does not push someone to do something that helps others than compassion is serving no good purpose.  Sometimes it can be easy to feel and do nothing. Doing nothing will result in nothing. We have to do something, if we do not do anything we will get nothing done.

Sometimes we feel that we should be rewarded for our abilities as opposed to our production. (I have a college degree I should make double my salary, no one seems to care that the product you produce is inferior??)

What are we doing?







My girlfriend has most recently been struggling with some seriously painful migraines. Yesterday in an effort to find the source of her headaches, she visited a neurologist. I know, you so thought I was going to say that in an effort to figure out the migraine cause she evaluated our relationship, (funny funny).

But the neurologist visit went well she gained a prescription which should only last for two weeks and hope. Hope that the pain will go away. While she was at the neurologist I thought about the power of the mind and neurology. Neurology is a field of medicine which deals with studies of nervous system disorders. My old biology teacher used to tell us the our bodies nervous system was a lot like the electrical infrastructure of the city we lived in. I loved his analogy. The thought of having high tension power lines and transformers running through us was just kind of cool. “Some times the system doesn’t work just right and this can be from problems with the mind or even the nerves themselves” His words while describing how Alzheimer’s  and dementia works.

The human mind is an amazing machine. I try to read every treatment, article and text I can about the human mind. I am not sure what fascinates me the most about the mind. The power of the mind or the mysteries and unknown powers of the mind.

There    is a phrase used called the placebo effect. The placebo drug has no real power it contains no medication in it but because of a belief in this medicine the mind or brain will release chemicals needed to help treat the illness affecting the body. Note this right now do not replace medical treatment with placebo’s never do that, but understand that the power of the mind is vast and amazing.

The more science learns about the mind and the more we learn to control and quiet our minds the better society will be. Learn as much as you can about your mind and you will find a more full life



Any “Torchwood” fans out there? Maybe you are more of a “Doctor Who” fan. Any way I was just participating in some binge Torchwood watching with my girlfriend. (and yes I know she is awesome for watching that show with  me) We had just finished watching The day 4 episode of the Torchwood Children of Earth saga and let me tell you this one was a good one!

Jack our protagonist faces down the enemy, who is requesting that earth give them 10 percent of their children or he will kill them all, and quotes the “Wobblies” (what’s that not familiar with the Wobblies? You should so google these guys, very cool fellows.) anyway. The thought of Jack employing the Wobblies model to this episode and directing it at the enemy well it is quite profound.

The TV show made me do what great works of art should. It made me think. Often we are taught from a young age about sacrifice, and about winning. There is a lot of emphasis on strength courage valor, none of these virtues is bad but often what is lost and really shouldn’t be is compassion. Imagine if our generation changed the paradigm what if we embraced this philosophy? What if we made this our mantra? What if we decided today that An injury to one person is an injury to all?

Are you thinking yet? Are you considering how profound this thought is? Not if it is pragmatic or not but what if it was used and employed? What if we approached every interaction this way?

I am not sure what you are thinking but I feel like we may have had it all wrong. 

Just some light Tuesday musing about life