Johnny on the spot

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Saturday afternoon I was working solo in the local soup kitchen.  I usually never work this way at the soup kitchen, but because of other obligations my helpers were not able to make it. Being the intrepid, philanthropist that I am I pressed on.  I arrived at the church early, let myself in, put som food on the stove top and set it to cooking.  I like to be ready before the first wave of customers come in.  On the way into the the kitchen I noticed that the church body had placed a new sign on the grounds, advertising and upcoming event. I wondered when the event would be and I wanted to capture an image  of the sign with my cell phone.  So to get the image I left the food on the stove top and armed only with my cell phone I left the kitchen, went outside. The door to the kitchen closed behind me and locked shut. I had a great photo and no keys. I called one of the church parishioners. Karl, answered on the third ring. I explained my situation to the saint and within 12 minutes Karl was there. Key in hand, he unlocked the door and saved the day.

Karl was Johnny on the spot with access to the kitchen. Without his efforts I am sure the food on the stove would have spoiled and tragedy ensued. I am lucky and blessed to have folks like Karl. Helpful friendly and Johnny on the spot





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