No limits

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My mom would always let me know that nothing was boring only boring people. I was a child and it was summer. I was home from school and me and my sisters were bored. We vocalized our boredom to our mother and that was her come back. Mom was pretty much right.

Boredom is an emotional state in which an individual is without something to do.  There was an interesting paper written about boredom by John Eastwood, Alexandra Frischen, Mark Fenske, and Daniel Smilek in which they outline criteria required for boredom to exist.

Boredom occurs when there is nothing to draw a persons attention, they lack focus and when people lack control of their situations.

So attention focus and control facets of life that all of us have at some time had trouble mastering when un controlled cause boredom. See mom was right. We are bored when we fail to appreciate ourselves and others. Remember next time you feel about of boredom that you are unique and interesting, the world is expansive and with a little imagination, you can be an exciting person as opposed to you know a boring one





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