I sat on the deck watching the gimballed compass bob up down left and right, but it always kept its bearings.  The compass pointed to the magnetic north.True north is the north, pointing towards the geographic north pole.

Knowing true north will keep the boat on course and help avoid collisions with land. To determine true north out on the deck the captain will use on a clear day the gimballed compass, and the sun. On a clear night the captain can use the gimballed compass and the star constellations. Inside the cabin the captain can now use the gps system.

On a cloudy day out on the deck if a captain can spot some landscapes maybe through the use of the compass and the sextant he can find true north set and keep the course.

A ship’s course is affected by many things wind, tides earths gravity and needs to be set adjusted sometimes re set. The captain has to stay vigilant so that he arrives safely  and onetime to his destination.

Many works of literature and music compare our lives to a ship. The comparison of the human life to a ship is no mistake.

The vessel requires a captain and the captain has to understand as much as he or she can about the vessel and where it is.

Life is full of self discovery as well as learning about and becoming aware of your environment. Sometimes after some reflective thought we realize that we are leaking and we have to fix that and do some work on our self.  There are other times when we realize that the water is to choppy and we have to get out of that area.

Life is full of constant adjustments and measurements. The tides are always changing but when we get it right. When we strike a balance and the wind hits our sails just right. Life is beautiful we just have to know how to live it.

“Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!”





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